OF Systemic Solutions

Darko Markovic, a professional executive coach, trainer, and consultant. His expertise is reflected in his competence to help his clients unleash the desire for learning and development. In his work, he aims at tailor-made and integral solutions, effectively combining assessment, training, coaching and consulting, thus helping leaders and organizations grow. He has 20 years of training, coaching, and consultancy experience with corporate, public and non-profit clients, and has been providing his services in more than 30 different countries.

His background in psychology and systemic work brings additional insightful dimension to his approach. His clients immediately recognize his empathy for their needs and challenges, as well as his commitment to quality and inspiring passion for learning.

darko markovic

In 2007, Darko established Inn.Side – learning and development, an innovative consultancy agency committed to providing top-quality learning and development services. Since the establishment, Inn.Side has been working with many multinational companies and international organizations. The key working areas of Inn.Side have been leadership development, organizational change, emotional intelligence, and intercultural collaboration.

Darko completed the training for systemic work with leaders and organizations at Bert Hellinger Instituut in Groningen, The Netherlands, between 2016 and 2019. This institute, led by Jan Jacob Stam, holds the global reputation for being the thought-leader in this field. With the intention to promote systemic work with leaders and organizations in Serbia and beyond, Darko founded Systemic Solutions in 2019.