What is systemic coaching for leaders?

The main difference between the standard leadership coaching and systemic coaching is that the client is not only the person sitting next to the coach, but also the whole system that they bring along.

This is particularly important in the executive coaching with leaders at higher management levels who can significantly influence the organisational functioning and the organisational culture.

Systemic coaching means looking at the client’s questions and coaching goals through systemic lenses, thus seeing not only the needs of the individual coachee, but the needs of the system as well.

The systemic coaching helps leaders develop their systemic intelligence, which in turn helps them understand their systems better and rethink their own role as leaders in order to serve the whole system in the best possible way.

building blocks and hands systemic coaching

When to use the systemic coaching?

  • Preparing leaders for a promotion
  • New C-suite or senior leader who came from another company
  • Leaders who are leading the process of organisational transformation
  • Handling challenging dynamics between the sectors/departments
  • Supporting leaders in an organisational culture change project
  • Rethinking own role as a leader in the context of future developments
  • Leadership challenges that are beyond skills and competences
  • Etc.

Systemic coaching can be a standalone measure for leadership development, or it can be the follow-up of systemic leadership training.

What is systemic team coaching?

Systemic coaching can also be delivered as systemic team coaching, and as such very suitable for a leadership team or for a team that leads a project that can have an impact on the organisation as a whole (e.g. Leadership team considering whether to enter organisational transformation phase, HR team preparing an organisational culture change project, IT team working on the digital transformation of the core processes of the whole organisation, marketing team planning strategic change in the external communications and positioning in the market, etc.).

Are you wondering if the systemic coaching is what you need?

In order to learn more about systemic coaching stellations and find out how they might be useful for your leaders or for yourself, feel free to contact us. It will be our pleasure to propose the best possible solutions for the problems that you are facing.