What is systemic leadership?

Skillful systemic leaders are the ones who are using their systemic intelligence to truly understand the systems they lead and their role within the system.

In a way, systemic leaders can dance on the dance floor and at the same time watch the whole system dancing and themselves in it, from the balcony.

These leaders are good at hearing the messages of the system, recognizing the existing patterns and making the right moves in times of change and transformation.

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What is included in the systemic leadership training and to whom is it addressed?

Systemic leadership training helps leaders in developing following skills and topics:
  • Understanding an organisation as a living system
  • Healthy organisation: organisational needs
  • Recognizing typical patterns in an organisational dynamics
  • Zooming Out: seeing the whole system – Problems are solutions
  • Hearing the messages from the system
  • Awareness of own systemic function as a leader
  • Organisational change and transformation
  • Holding space for organisational change
  • Leading the whole or leading the parts
  • Upcoming future: how prepare the organisation for it
This training is very suitable for senior to top level leaders, as well as for the emerging leaders in the talent development track or the ones getting ready for a promotion. The systemic leadership training could also be included as one of the measures in the overall programme for organisational change, as suggested after the systemic organisational development consulting.

Are you wondering if the systemic leadership training is what you need?

Typically, this training is done as in-house 3-day training. It can be delivered in 3 consecutive days or divided into several modules with ‘homework’ in between. It can also be followed up with individual systemic coaching, thus amplifying the training effects.

In order to learn more about the systemic leadership training and find out how it might be useful for your leaders or for yourself, feel free to contact us. It will be our pleasure to propose the best possible solutions for the problems that you are facing.