Systemic organisational
development consulting

What is systemic organisational development consulting?

Systemic organisational development consulting aims at supporting organisations in creating the best possible roadmap for change.

It could be very useful in the beginning of an organisational development project or the first phases of the organisational transformation process.

This kind of consulting can also serve as the ‘organisational health check’, thus raising awareness of the current state of both internal and external functioning and ways to improve it.

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When to use the systemic organisational consulting?

The systemic organisational development consulting could be used in the following situations:
  • Planning organisational culture change project
  • Creating better alignment between individual parts in the company
  • Old learning and development strategy did not deliver results
  • Initiating a new talent development or leadership development programme
  • Changing the overall leadership style (e.g. introducing coaching culture)
  • Rethinking the organisational structure and level of hierarchy
  • Company merger
  • Intense growth in size where the old ways are no longer viable
  • Etc.

Systemic consulting phases

There are two phases in every systemic consulting for organizations:

1 – Each systemic organisational consulting starts with a ‘systemic scan’. The main goal of this phase is to gain systemic insights: understanding the current state of functioning, the prevailing organisational patterns, identifying challenges and organisational potential for change. It may use a combination of methods, including organisational constellations, systemic observation and systemic interviews. It results in a proposal for systemic interventions.

2 – Systemic interventions may be a combination of various types of activities, including training, coaching, facilitation, communication statements, introduction of new symbols, etc. Each plan for a change is completely tailor-made for individual organisations, embedded in the systemic insights gathered in the scanning phase.

Are you wondering if the systemic organisational consulting is what you need?

In order to learn more about the systemic organisational development consulting and find out how it might be beneficial for your organisation, feel free to contact us. It will be our pleasure to propose the best possible solutions for the problems that you are facing.